It’s been a while…once again.

This will be a short post on ideas that I have tried out with my classes recently that have worked well and have all been adapted from things I have seen on Twitter.

Firstly, silent debating. It was fantastic! I couldn’t believe how much writing the students produced and how writing on tables seemed to enhance their ability to formulate an article. My favourite soundbite from the lesson: ‘Miss, can you imagine how much trouble we’d be in if [Head of Learning] came in right now!’


Secondly, learning inspector lanyards. Once again, something so simple, yet having a lanyard around your neck apparently makes you an A* student capable of exceptional inference and deduction skills. 


Next, students as experts. I team teach a Year 7 group who are reluctant to write yet fantastic at speaking. Rather than punishing this, we decided we needed to embrace it. Many of our lessons now involve students finding out all the information for themselves and then presenting it in any format they choose. Worryingly, following a school visit from the chef himself, the format now continually incorporates Gino D’acampo and a dodgy Italian accent – brownie points for cross curricular links?


Finally, an idea I stole from the brilliant @MrPeel was tweeting the author of the text we were studying. I managed to find the author of the play I was teaching with my Year 8 group on Twitter so tweeted him our reading assessment question. This helped the students to understand the writers do do certain things for a reason and they enjoyed getting an objective answer. They also enjoyed then tracing my twitter account through the author’s and finding out my first name…simple things. 



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