One week to go!

So, unbelievably, I am now into my last week of school! I cannot quite get over what a whirlwind this past year has been. As I strongly believe making lists is partly responsible for getting me through it, I thought I would make another few lists to reflect on the year.

Things I have achieved:

  • I am qualifying as ‘excellent’
  • I still absolutely love teaching
  • I have got a job in a school and a department I love and cannot wait to join as a fully fledged member of staff rather than a trainee
  • I have had two fantastic mentors who have supported me throughout, allowed me to take risks in the classroom and one who has become a great friend

Things I have learnt (This list could be endless but for everybody’s sake I have limited myself to five points):

  • The importance of giving every child a clean state no matter how much they irritated me the previous lesson
  • The power of regular marking
  • The impact of welcoming my students at the door with a smile and a ‘good morning/afternoon’
  • The importance of building positive working relationships with my students – this makes my day so much brighter
  • The necessity to drink tea, eat chocolate and laugh at times when I just want to cry/scream/sleep

Things that petrify me for the following year:

  • Being wholly accountable for my classes
  • The five period day I will have on a Monday
  • Sleeping through my alarm on said Monday
  • Data, data, data!

Whilst I intend to enjoy every free moment of the summer, I am so excited for September to become fully settled in my department as a NQT – and even more excited for the end of September when I finally start getting paid for this teaching malarkey!