I’m no longer a flea

I loved my training year: I was challenged; I had to constantly deal with new situations; support was always there for me. As a result, I exceeded my own expectations and completed my year feeling rather chuffed with myself.

In contrast to this, during my undergraduate study, I did just what I had to do to get my 2.1. I did the reading that was required. I reached the word count on my essays. I graduated, happy with my 2.1, often contemplating whether I could have done more.

During my training year, I wasn’t treated as a flea. I was given a lid yet encouraged to crash through it as many times as I could. However, during my undergraduate degree, I felt a little bit like a flea: nobody expected me to do anymore than I was doing; I expected no more from myself; I stayed within the capacity of the jar and didn’t jump higher than the lid.

Now my job is to create an environment in my classroom where my pupils do not feel like fleas and they exceed the boundaries of the lid.

*people who weren’t at #TLT14, you may be extremely confused, I apologise and recommend you watch the training fleas YouTube clip.

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