One half term in: how I know I’m well on my way to being a ‘real’ teacher

1. A year 7 student called me mum.
2. I tried to have a social life during the week last week and went to bed past 12, twice. Woahh, was that a long week!
3. I dealt with a crier quite well. Confession: I have had two criers this term. The first one I didn’t deal too well with, however as an NQT should, I reflected and felt much better about how I dealt with the second crier.
4. I can mark a class set of books in just under an hour…I should add that is when I properly focus.
5. Once I have marked, my lessons for the week tend to be planned in my mind.
6. I keep having to stop myself from sharing school anecdotes with non-teacher friends. They are not interested in the *hilarious* misconception my year 10 student spouted out about Curley’s wife and door frames. Why would they?
7. I am excited that the classes I have got to know and love over this term will still be mine when I return to school after half term, yippee! *last year my classes changed every half term.
8. I can give a look to certain students and they roll their eyes but then tuck their shirts in. Small victories!
9. I spent my Saturday at #TLT14.
10. On 30th September I finally got paid! On 31st October, I will get paid again! On 30th November, you get the jist!