One half term in: how I know I’m well on my way to being a ‘real’ teacher

1. A year 7 student called me mum.
2. I tried to have a social life during the week last week and went to bed past 12, twice. Woahh, was that a long week!
3. I dealt with a crier quite well. Confession: I have had two criers this term. The first one I didn’t deal too well with, however as an NQT should, I reflected and felt much better about how I dealt with the second crier.
4. I can mark a class set of books in just under an hour…I should add that is when I properly focus.
5. Once I have marked, my lessons for the week tend to be planned in my mind.
6. I keep having to stop myself from sharing school anecdotes with non-teacher friends. They are not interested in the *hilarious* misconception my year 10 student spouted out about Curley’s wife and door frames. Why would they?
7. I am excited that the classes I have got to know and love over this term will still be mine when I return to school after half term, yippee! *last year my classes changed every half term.
8. I can give a look to certain students and they roll their eyes but then tuck their shirts in. Small victories!
9. I spent my Saturday at #TLT14.
10. On 30th September I finally got paid! On 31st October, I will get paid again! On 30th November, you get the jist!

I’m no longer a flea

I loved my training year: I was challenged; I had to constantly deal with new situations; support was always there for me. As a result, I exceeded my own expectations and completed my year feeling rather chuffed with myself.

In contrast to this, during my undergraduate study, I did just what I had to do to get my 2.1. I did the reading that was required. I reached the word count on my essays. I graduated, happy with my 2.1, often contemplating whether I could have done more.

During my training year, I wasn’t treated as a flea. I was given a lid yet encouraged to crash through it as many times as I could. However, during my undergraduate degree, I felt a little bit like a flea: nobody expected me to do anymore than I was doing; I expected no more from myself; I stayed within the capacity of the jar and didn’t jump higher than the lid.

Now my job is to create an environment in my classroom where my pupils do not feel like fleas and they exceed the boundaries of the lid.

*people who weren’t at #TLT14, you may be extremely confused, I apologise and recommend you watch the training fleas YouTube clip.